Domain Decomposition Methods

Accepted papers (January, 23th, 2014).

All papers are now included in the draft version of the Proceedings, the Pdf files you provided in your archive file can be downloaded below.

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    Part I: Plenary presentations

  • 91 : Space Decompositions and Solvers for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (Blanca Ayuso de Dios and Zikatanov Ludmil. )(pdf)
  • 101 : A finite element method for particulate flow (Eberhard Baensch and Rodolphe Prignitz)(pdf)
  • 104 : Optimized Schwarz waveform relaxation for nonlinear systems of parabolic type (Laurence Halpern and Florian Häberlein)(pdf)
  • 102 : Domain Decomposition for Boundary Integral equations via local multi-trace formulations (Ralf Hiptmair, Carlos Jerez-Hanckes, Jin-Fa Lee, and Zhen Peng)(pdf)
  • 64 : Recent advances in domain decomposition methods for the Stokes problem (Hyea Hyun Kim, Chang-Ock Lee and Eun-Hee Park.)(pdf)
  • 32 : On an Adaptive Coarse Space and on Nonlinear Domain Decomposition ( Axel Klawonn, Martin Lanser, Patrick Radtke and Oliver Rheinbach. )(pdf)
  • 74 : On Iterative Substructuring Methods for Multiscale Problems (Clemens Pechstein. )(pdf)
  • 103 : A Mortar BDD method for solving flow in stochastic discrete fracture networks (Geraldine Pichot, Baptiste Poirriez, Jocelyne Erhel and Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy)(pdf)
  • 100 : A Domain-Based Multinumeric Method for the Steady-State Convection-Diffusion Equation (Béatrice Rivière and Xin Yang)(pdf)
  • 80 : 3-D FETI-DP preconditioners for composite finite element-discontinuous Galerkin methods (Marcus Sarkis and Maksymilian Dryja.)(pdf)
  • 35 : A Multi-Stage Preconditioner for the Black Oil Model and Its OpenMP Implementation (Chunsheng Feng, Shi Shu, Jinchao Xu and Chen-Song Zhang. )(pdf)


    Part II: Minisymposia

  • 4 : A FETI-DP algorithm for incompressible Stokes equations with continuous pressures (Xuemin Tu and Jing Li. )(pdf)
  • 7 : Generating Equidistributed Meshes in 2D via Domain Decomposition (Ronald Haynes and Alexander Howse. )(pdf)
  • 8 : MPI--OpenMP algorithms for the parallel space--time solution of Time Dependent PDEs (Ronald Haynes and Benjamin Ong. )(pdf)
  • 10 : Neumann--Neumann Waveform Relaxation for the Time-Dependent Heat Equation (Felix Kwok. )(pdf)
  • 11 : GPU-based Parallel Reservoir Simulators (Zhangxin Chen, Hui Liu, Song Yu, Ben Hsieh and Lei Shao. )(pdf)
  • 13 : Optimized Schwarz methods with overlap for the Helmholtz equation (Martin J. Gander and Hui Zhang. )(pdf)
  • 16 : DG discretization of optimized Schwarz methods for Maxwell's equations (Mohamed El Bouajaji, Victorita Dolean, Martin Gander, Stéphane Lanteri and Ronan Perrussel. )(pdf)
  • 18 : Simulations of micro channel gas flows with domain decomposition technique for kinetic and fluid dynamics equations (Sudarshan Tiwari, Axel Klar and Steffen Hardt.)(pdf)
  • 19 : Multiscale Finite Elements for Linear Elasticity: Oscillatory Boundary Conditions (Marco Buck, Oleg Iliev and Heiko Andrä. )(pdf)
  • 20 : Inexact BDDC methods for the cardiac Bidomain model (Stefano Zampini. )(pdf)
  • 21 : Parallel coupled and uncoupled multilevel solvers for the Bidomain model of electrocardiology (Piero Colli Franzone, Luca F. Pavarino and Simone Scacchi. )(pdf)
  • 22 : Fuzzy Domain Decomposition: a new perspective on heterogeneous DD methods (Jérôme Michaud and Martin J. Gander. )(pdf)
  • 23 : A New Coarse Grid Correction for RAS (Martin Gander, Laurence Halpern and Kevin Santugini. )(pdf)
  • 24 : Nonlinear Algebraic Multilevel Iterations and aggregation-based aggressive coarsening (James Brannick. )(pdf)
  • 25 : Space-Time Domain Decomposition for Mixed Formulations of Diffusion Equations (Thi Thao Phuong Hoang, Jerome Jaffre, Caroline Japhet, Michel Kern and Jean Roberts. )(pdf)
  • 27 : Block Jacobi for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations: no ordinary Schwarz methods (Martin J. Gander and Soheil Hajian. )(pdf)
  • 31 : Overlapping domain decomposition methods with FreeFem++ (Pierre Jolivet, Frederic Hecht, Frederic Nataf and Christophe Prud'Homme. )(pdf)
  • 34 : On the influence of curvature on transmission conditions (Hélène Barucq, Martin J. Gander and Yingxiang Xu. )(pdf)
  • 36 : Conservative inexact solvers for porous media flow (Eirik Keilegavlen and Jan M. Nordbotten. )(pdf)
  • 37 : Robust isogeometric Schwarz preconditioners for composite elastic materials (Lourenco Beirao Da Veiga, Durkbin Cho, Luca Franco Pavarino and Simone Scacchi. )(pdf)
  • 38 : Hybrid Domain Decomposition Solvers for the Helmholtz Equation (Martin Huber and Joachim Schöberl. )(pdf)
  • 40 : Efficient implementation of a multi-level parallel in time algorithm (Matthew Emmett and Michael Minion. )(pdf)
  • 43 : Optimized Schwarz Methods and model adaptivity in electrocardiology simulations (Luca Gerardo-Giorda, Lucia Mirabella, Mauro Perego and Alessandro Veneziani.)(pdf)
  • 48 : A new interface cement equilibrated mortar method with Ventcel conditions (Caroline Japhet, Yvon Maday and Frederic Nataf.)(pdf)
  • 49 : FETI-DP methods for Optimal Control Problems (Roland Herzog and Oliver Rheinbach. )(pdf)
  • 51 : Domain decomposition methods in Feel++ (Abdoulaye Samake, Vincent Chabannes, Christophe Picard and Christophe Prud'Homme. )(pdf)
  • 52 : Additive Schwarz Method for DG Discretization of Anisotropic Elliptic Problems (Max Dryja, Piotr Krzyzanowski and Marcus Sarkis.)(pdf)
  • 53 : A one-level additive Schwarz preconditioner for a discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin method (Susanne Brenner, Andrew Barker, Eun-Hee Park and Li-Yeng Sung. )(pdf)
  • 54 : A smooth transition approach between the Vlasov-Poisson and the Euler-Poisson system (Giacomo Dimarco, Luc Mieussens and Vittorio Rispoli. )(pdf)
  • 56 : The parareal in time algorithm applied to the kinetic neutron diffusion equation (Anne-Marie Baudron, Jean-Jacques Lautard, Yvon Maday and Olga Mula. )(pdf)
  • 57 : Achieving robustness through coarse space enrichment in the two level Schwarz framework. (Nicole Spillane, Victorita Dolean, Patrice Hauret, Frederic Nataf, Clemens Pechstein and Robert Scheichl. )(pdf)
  • 58 : Optimized Schwarz algorithms in the framework of DDFV schemes (Martin J. Gander, Florence Hubert and Stella Krell. )(pdf)
  • 60 : Dirichlet-Neumann Waveform Relaxation for the Time-Dependent Heat Equation (Bankim Mandal. )(pdf)
  • 61 : Hierarchical model (Hi-Mod) reduction in non-rectilinear domains (Simona Perotto. )(pdf)
  • 62 : The Origins of the Alternating Schwarz Method (Martin J. Gander and Gerhard Wanner. )(pdf)
  • 65 : Solving large systems on HECToR using the 2-Lagrange multiplier methods (Anastasios Karangelis, Sebastien Loisel and Chris Maynard. )(pdf)
  • 66 : Coupled finite and boundary element methods for vibro-acoustic interface problems (Arno Kimeswenger, Olaf Steinbach and Gerhard Unger. )(pdf)
  • 67 : Optimized Schwarz Methods for Maxwell Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients (Erwin Veneros, Victorita Dolean and Martin J. Gander.)(pdf)
  • 69 : Lower Dimensional Coarse Spaces for Domain Decomposition (Clark Dohrmann and Olof Widlund. )(pdf)
  • 70 : Robust Preconditioners for DG-Discretizations with Arbitrary Polynomial Degrees (Kolja Brix, Claudio Canuto and Wolfgang Dahmen. )(pdf)
  • 71 : ASM-BDDC Preconditioners with variable polynomial degree for CG- and DG-SEM (Claudio Canuto, Luca F Pavarino and Alexandre Bernard Pieri. )(pdf)
  • 72 : Domain decomposition in shallow-water modelling for practical flow applications (Mart Borsboom, Menno Genseberger, Bas van 'T Hof and Edwin Spee. )(pdf)
  • 76 : Space-Time Domain Decomposition with Finite Volumes for Porous Media Applications (Paul-Marie Berthe, Caroline Japhet and Pascal Omnes.)(pdf)
  • 77 : Block Jacobi relaxation for plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods (Timo Betcke, Martin Gander and Joel Phillips. )(pdf)
  • 88 : Optimized Schwarz Methods for curl-curl time-harmonic Maxwell's equations (Victorita Dolean, Martin J. Gander, Stephane Lanteri, Jin-Fa Lee and Zhen Peng. )(pdf)
  • 93 : On the Origins of Iterative Substructuring Methods (Martin Gander and Xuemin Tu. )(pdf)
  • 97 : Discontinuous Coarse Spaces for DD-Methods with Discontinuous Iterates (Martin J. Gander, Laurence Halpern and Kevin Santugini. )(pdf)
  • 98 : A two-level preconditioning framework based on a Richardson iterative process (Thomas Dufaud. )(pdf)
  • Part III: Contributed Presentations

  • 3 : Distributed Nonsmooth Contact Domain Decomposition (NSCDD): algorithmic structure and scalability (Vincent Visseq, Alexandre Martin, David Dureisseix, Frédéric Dubois and Pierre Alart. )(pdf)
  • 5 : Integrating an N-body problem with SDC and PFASST (Robert Speck, Daniel Ruprecht, Rolf Krause, Matthew Emmett, Michael Minion, Mathias Winkel and Paul Gibbon. )(pdf)
  • 6 : Hybrid Space-Time Parallel Solution of Burger's Equation (Rolf Krause and Daniel Ruprecht. )(pdf)
  • 12 : Optimized Interface Preconditioners for the FETI Method (Martin J. Gander and Hui Zhang. )(pdf)
  • 14 : Domain Decomposition method for Reaction-Diffusion Systems (Rodrigue Kammogne and Daniel Loghin. )(pdf)
  • 15 : Domain decomposition for the neutron SPN equations (Jamelot Erell, Patrick Ciarlet, Anne-Marie Baudron and Jean-Jacques Lautard. )(pdf)
  • 17 : A Stochastic-based Optimized Schwarz Method for the Gravimetry Equations on GPU Clusters (Abal-Kassim Cheik Ahamed and Frederic Magoules. )(pdf)
  • 26 : A parallel preconditioner for a FETI-DP method for the Crouzeix-Raviart finite element (Leszek Marcinkowski and Talal Rahman. )(pdf)
  • 28 : An Adaptive Parallel-in-Time Method with application to a membrane problem (Noha Makhoul-Karam, Nabil Nassif and Jocelyne Erhel. )(pdf)
  • 33 : A Schur Complement Method for DAE Systems in Power System Dynamic Simulations (Petros Aristidou, Davide Fabozzi and Thierry Van Cutsem. )(pdf)
  • 39 : FETI solvers for non-standard finite element equations based on boundary integral operators (Clemens Hofreither, Ulrich Langer and Clemens Pechstein. )(pdf)
  • 42 : Domain decomposition methods for problems of unilateral contact between elastic bodies with nonlinear Winkler covers (Ihor I. Prokopyshyn, Ivan I. Dyyak, Rostyslav M. Martynyak and Ivan A. Prokopyshyn. )(pdf)
  • 45 : Asymptotic expansions and domain decomposition (Giuseppe Geymonat, Sofiane Hendili, Françoise Krasucki, Michele Serpilli and Marina Vidrascu. )(pdf)
  • 47 : A Schur Complement Method for Compressible Two-Phase Flow Models (Thu Huyen Dao, Michael Ndjinga and Frederic Magoules. )(pdf)
  • 50 : A Posteriori Error Estimates for a Neumann-Neuman Domain Decomposition Algorithm Applied to Contact Problems (Daniel Choï, Laurent Gallimard and Taoufik Sassi. )(pdf)
  • 55 : Additive Schwarz with Variable Weights (Chen Greif, Tyrone Rees and Daniel Szyld. )(pdf)
  • 59 : A parallel multigrid solver on a structured triangulation of a hexagonal domain (Kab Seok Kang. )(pdf)
  • 63 : A parallel Crank-Nicolson predictor-corrector method for many subdomains (Felix Kwok. )(pdf)
  • 68 : Heterogenous coupling for implicitly described domains (Christian Engwer and Sebastian Westerheide. )(pdf)
  • 73 : NKS Method for the Implicit Solution of a Coupled Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard System (Chao Yang, Xiao-Chuan Cai, David Keyes and Michael Pernice. )(pdf)
  • 75 : Surrogate Functional Based Subspace Correction Methods for Image Processing (Michael Hintermüller and Andreas Langer. )(pdf)
  • 78 : Practical aspects of domain decomposition in Jacobi-Davidson for parallel performance (Menno Genseberger. )(pdf)
  • 79 : Low-Rank Update of the RAS Preconditioner for Nonlinear Systems (Laurent Berenguer and Damien Tromeur-Dervout. )(pdf)
  • 81 : GMRES acceleration of restricted Schwarz iterations (Francois Pacull and Stephane Aubert. )(pdf)
  • 82 : A nonlinear domain decomposition technique for scalar elliptic PDEs (James Turner, Michal Kocvara and Daniel Loghin. )(pdf)
  • 83 : A non overlapping domain decomposition method for the obstacle problem (Samia Riaz and Daniel Loghin. )(pdf)
  • 84 : A Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Contact Problems with Coulomb's Friction (Jaroslav Haslinger, Radek Kucera and Taoufik Sassi. )(pdf)
  • 87 : Hybrid dual-primal FETI-SCHUR complement method for Stokes (Ange Toulougoussou and Francois-Xavier Roux. )(pdf)
  • 89 : Stable computations of generalized inverses of positive semidefinite matrices (Alexandros Markopoulos, Zdenek Dostal, Tomas Kozubek, Petr Kovar, Tomas Brzobohaty and Radek Kucera. )(pdf)
  • 90 : Parallel implementation of Total-FETI DDM with application to medical image registration (Michal Merta, Alena Vašatová, Vaclav Hapla and David Horak. )(pdf)
  • 92 : Finite Element Analysis of Multi - Component Assemblies: CAD - based Domain Decomposition (Kirill Pichon Gostaf, Olivier Pironneau and François-Xavier Roux. )(pdf)
  • 94 : A new finite volume Schwarz algorithm for advection-diffusion equations (Laurence Halpern and Florence Hubert. )(pdf)
  • 95 : Domain Decomposition with Nesterov's Method (Jonas Koko, Firmin Andzembe Okoubi and Taoufik Sassi. )(pdf)
  • 96 : Total-FETI method for solving contact elasto-plastic problems (Martin Cermak and Stanislav Sysala. )(pdf)
  • 99 : Nonlinear Transmission Conditions for time DDM (Patrice Linel and Damien Tromeur-Dervout. )(pdf)

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